Pekao Financial Services Sp. o. o. provides services at the highest level, so we invest in the best Employees only.


Why is it worth to work with us?

We are the oldest company on the Polish transfer agents market with well-established experience and recognized reputation among investment and pension funds companies, with a strong and stable financial position.

Work in our company gives the possibility to continuously extend the expertise, access to the most modern solutions in the field of IT technology, as well as the opportunity to participate in the interesting projects.

Equally important as providing customers with a best service is for us the way in which we do it. Therefore, we all try to become our company the place, where in friendly conditions we can develop professionally and socially.

That’s why every day, either in relations between employees or customers, we share the same following values.

Equality – employing, promoting or motivating to work, we are guided by substantive criteria and a principle of non-discrimination;
Transparency of assessment and promotion criteria;
Respect for our Partners and Customers, as well as their values and beliefs;
Mutuality – we focus on cooperation, exchange of information and knowledge as the best way of self- development both the employees and the Company;
Freedom – we create the environment where opinions and views can be freely expressed;
Trust – we trust our Customers and Partners as it is a prerequisite for mutual trust the base for achieving outstanding results.


Those apparently high-flown mottos are translated into everyday life in our Company. Our staff see their practical realization as below.


”Equality is blurring the boundaries between superior and subordinate. This boundary is visible in various aspects, but our managing staff don’t elevate. I can talk with superiors, turn to them for help without feeling inferiority. In PFS we respect each other, we built well-integrated team. I think it’s cool in our company.”

Michał – Funds Customers Service Department


“It’s openness and honesty in daily proceeding, transferring understandable messages and courage in conversation and action in difficult situations, which we consistently implement in our company.”

Monika – Legal and Compliance Office


“Respect is some attitude, based on the awareness that we’re not alone. That means, we make allowance for others people needs, opinions, strengths and weaknesses. For this is necessary the self-acceptance and self-respect. Only then we will be able to share that value. The atmosphere in our company fosters building respect.”

Sylwia – Business Development Office


“In our team we exchange knowledge and skills with enjoyment. I believe it facilitates and improves cooperation. We don’t refuse transferring knowledge, we don’t leave each other with unanswered questions. It may be said that our knowledge is our team knowledge, not individual. If the work must proceed without disruptions, we must have the possibility to replace each other.”

Kasia – Accounting Division


“For me it’s a chance to take independent decisions. In our Company freedom is the value, which gives us opportunity to make independent choices, submit our opinions, suggestions and certainty that we will always be heard.”

Ola – Payroll and HR Division


“Good relationships in the workplace must be built upon trust, so we don’t have to control each other and we respect our time. Only on trust we can built well-integrated team. We are specialist in our fields, we trust each other and that’s why our work is easier and more pleasant, and in our division we have nice atmosphere.”

Mariusz – Administration Division