Cookies mean information exchanged between the site and browser, recorded in the form of files (usually text files) in the user’s device.


What are cookies used for?

Website of Pekao Financial Services uses the following cookies:

  • Cookie ID Session, responsible for storage of session identifier;
  • Tracking Cookies, used for storage of information on sites preferences.

Cookies management

Cookies can be managed by means of browse settings.

For Firefox browse:

1. Click “Firefox” at the top of the browse window (in case of Windows XP system click “Tools” menu) and select “Options”.
2. Then select “Privacy” panel.
3. From the drop-down menu “Firefox Program” select option “Use custom settings for history”.
4. Select „Accept cookies” to allow and de-select if you do not allow sites to set cookies on your computer.
5. Select period of cookies storage.
6. Click OK to close the options window.

For Google Chrome browser:

1. Click “Chrome” menu at the browser toolbar.
2. Select “Settings”.
3. Click “Show advanced settings”.
4. Under “Privacy”, select “Content settings”.
5. Under “Cookies” you can change the following settings of cookies.

Default cookies disabling

  • Disabling all cookies: select “Block attempts to record data from sites in your computer”. Remember that this setting disables operation of the most sites requiring registration.
  • Disabling other companies’ cookies: select “ignore exceptions” and “block creating cookies of other companies”. If you select this option cookies of other companies from sites are disabled, even if the site was added to “Exceptions” list and can record cookies in your computer.

Default cookies enabling      

  • If you want to allow your own cookies, as well as cookies of other companies, select “Enable local data storage”.
  • To accept your own cookies only, select “Block all cookies of other companies without exceptions”.

For Internet Explorer browser:

1. Select “Tools” in browser window and then click “Internet options”.
2. Select “Privacy” and then, within “Settings” field, move the slider to the top to block all cookies of move it down to allow all cookies. Then click OK.


Each telephone model can operate this function in a different way, so we encourage you to make yourself acquainted with privacy options listed in documentation at the website of your mobile device manufacturer.

Introduced changes would not influence cookies already recorded in your computer. They can be removed using browser settings. Users can freely manage the relevant cookies. However, it should be taken into account that disabling cookies may result in limited access or entire lack of access to the site of Pekao Financial Services.