Service attributes

Our team supports Customers with passion and commitment, providing adjusted solutions.

  • From the beginning of cooperation we provide each Customer with his own team consisting of qualified operational employees.
  • We have been operating investment funds for more than 25 years and we know the pension funds market peerlessly. It allows us to provide a Customer with professional support in operational, business and legal issues.
  • We reject the attitude based on "one solution for everyone" principle. We thoroughly analyze each need and have personalized attitude, therefore the solutions and tools offered by us are adjusted to each Customer.
  • We communicate through numerous channels, ensuring transparent flow of information. Customers always have a possibility of permanent control and supervision over our actions.
  • We take care of good relations and, first of all, a Customer's satisfaction. General level of satisfaction with provided services is measured by annual testing and it increases continuously.

We immediately implement new products using unique systems and 25-year experience in IT.

  • We do not allow a Customer to wait. We proceed to perform tasks promptly thanks to unique task management system adjusted to the specific character of funds operation.
  • We introduce software modifications on a day agreed with a Customer, without a necessity to wait for a new version (so called release) of the system.
  • We have our own IT teams, separate for investment and pension funds, having long-standing experience in application development. It considerably accelerates the process of project performance.
  • We are guided by a vision of creating the entirely configurable and parameterizable systems. Owing to that fact we enable a Customer sale of their new products without necessity of additional programming.

We provide unrivalled quality of services and high availability of systems, acting with full effectiveness.

  • We act continuously. We guarantee a Customer availability of our systems at the level of 99.994% per year.
  • We have our own Disaster Recovery Site. We guarantee a Customer continuity of service in case of every event.
  • We focus on process automation and minimization of influence of a human factor. We process orders and instructions at the STP (Straight Through Processing) level equal to 98%.
  • We take care of the highest quality of service. Each order in subject to multi-level verification in terms of correctness and promptness.
  • Thanks to mechanisms of automatic system validation we provide a Customer with almost 100% correctness of processing orders and instructions.